All Stains can be Removed

Carpet cleaning has traditionally brought with it its share of issues. Too much water on a carpet can cause colour to run, or damage to the carpet itself. If applied inappropriately, it can cause stains to spread and frankly become worse.

Dry cleaning carpets also bring problems. Stains and other aberrations caused by liquids may not be removed at all, and as such you are back to square one.

Dry Fusion Carpet Cleaning Technique

The dry fusion carpet cleaning technique however, provides optimal cleaning and does not run the risks of the other two methods of cleaning a carpet. The service is also available in Bicester and surrounding areas.

Dry fusion carpet cleaning is a highly effective method of keeping a carpet clean and is suitable for the rigours faced by commercial premises which are frequented by the public. In essence dry fusion carpet cleaning will:

  • Clean – Your carpet is thoroughly cleaned, removing stains, grit, dust, and dirt
  • Stain-blocks – Prevents reoccurrence of the stain
  • Heat – dries – Drying your carpet as much as possible removes odours
  • Deodorises – Deodorising your carpet not only removes smells but prevents stains from reoccurring to.

Unlike many carpet cleaning techniques this method will ensure your carpet is cleaned in one process rather than three or four. This allows you to walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning, and it is completely dry within twenty minutes.

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