Carpet cleaning is not just for the purposes of beautification. Clean carpets create a fresh and healthy indoor environment for everyone.

Installing fitted carpet is generally an expensive process, and carpet fitting can prove one of the most costly features in a building’s interior. Carpets provide insulation and a soft flooring underfoot, but dirty and stained carpets will have a negative impact on the aesthetics of your interiors and they won’t help those who have allergies.

Carpet cleaning begins and ends with vacuuming for most people. Weekly vacuuming will prolong the life of your carpets by preventing a build-up of dirt which can tear through the carpet fibres, damaging them. A level of cleanliness will be achieved by vacuuming regularly but the only real way to clean carpets thoroughly is by using the best features of the hot water extraction system combined with dry cleaning. This system is safe, quiet in operation, and chemical-free.

The hot water extraction system is a process which injects water deep into the carpet fibres at a high temperature. This dislodges any sand, pollutants, grit and dirt embedded in the carpet fibres as well as sanitising the carpet. This is what we use for carpet cleaning at Super Clean Oxford, and it’s the only way to clean carpets properly.

Carpet cleaning made easy.

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