Buildings have windows to allow light in and to offer views of the outdoors from inside. But both can be impaired if the windows are not cleaned for extended periods of time. The longer you leave the windows without cleaning them the greater the build-up of grime and dirt.

First impressions do count for a lot, so think about your visitors and look at the building from their perspective. A building with dirty, stained windows will never help you to impress the people you need to impress when they visit the premises.

Windows are not just tricky to clean, on both the inside and outside, but on high-rise commercial buildings or office blocks the work needs to be completed at height. If you don’t have the skills, experience and equipment to clean windows at height then your only option is to call in the professional window cleaners.

commercial window cleaning is available as a service through Super Clean Oxford. We’ve long provided an efficient window cleaning service to businesses throughout the Oxford area. We will be able to meet all your window cleaning needs.

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