With winter bidding farewell in a frantic, storm-fuelled goodbye, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning the forgotten outside areas of your house. Driveways, patios and the sides of your building can become full of mould and dirt over the wetter months. At Super Clean South, we provide pressure washing services in Henley and aim to clean anything that you require.

Our expert cleaning team will decide upon the best course of action for your job and whether it needs hot, cold or steam pressure washing to clean the area efficiently. Pressure washing is a great way to clean the inner grooves of a patio or driveway, as traditional brushes cannot reach deep enough into the crevices.

At Super Clean South, we have the latest equipment available to us to provide you with a professional and effective service. Using water pressurised to 1200psi, our machines are able to thoroughly clean almost any surface with ease. We have helped universities, schools, restaurants and more with our pressure washing services.

We are dedicated to having the safest and most compliant pressure washing facility in place for our customers. To get started and book one of our experienced cleaning members for pressure washing today, get in touch with us.

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